About me

I’m Fay and  I’m a restaurateur and grandma.

Have you ever felt free? wow that feeling you get when it’s not mandatory for you to wake at a specific time in the morning, to beat the morning traffic to get to work. How joyful it is to work from home or anywhere that you have access to a laptop or smartphone.

I’ve lived most of my adult  life trying to create a successful business.but sometimes it’s challenging to manage business and family.so I’ve came up with a strategy.In order for me to get the freedom I need I’ve trained my employees  in all areas so if the chef is a no show, no problem, someone else can easily fits in, if the cashier or any other employee is a no show still no problem.so with that implementation comes freedom for me.so I can now live the life I’ve always wanted and that is to work on the business but not in the business.That freedom allows me to  travell take classes online,, meditate  and also started my exercise journey..The class that I’m most fond of led me to the rediscovery of the  love I have for writing, so I’m here trying to navigate this website and not  only to just write but also  to share my knowledge, ideas and suggestions and take you on an  adventures and add value.to your life.

Happy Father’s Day

I love and miss my dad, I wish he was still alive. However, his memories live on in my heart. I’m celebrating Father’s Day with customers. in Jamaica we don’t usually acknowledge our fathers the same way as we do on Mother’s day, it’s no comparison, the way in which we started planning weeks even months in advance for mom. I love to make our fathers feel appreciated so I always took the time to help and prepare something special for them.

Fit for a king but it’s only for dad

Fit for a king but it’s only for our dads at the restaurant.

My locs journey

These are some of the best natural hair care regimens to nourish and grow your hair especially if you are sporting inter loc like myself. It’s beautiful and elegant when well moisturized and groomed. However, it takes a lot of attention to keep it healthy and shiny. Take a look at my locs above that’s from a while back. I take pride in my hair and never fail to try out different colors and styles to give my face a fresh look.so I religiously steam my hair once per month and at some point or another, I use one of the below suggestions.along with those that are mandatory.

Water: Maintain drinking 8 glasses of water per day to keep hydrated. water helps to nourish your scalp and hair to promote growth.its also good to spray a little into your hair, to keep it moist. add a little extra virgin coconut oil to it as well.

Vitamins: Increase your intake of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, Vitamin E C A B, Iron, and zinc those helps to nourish your hair follicles, help with circulation, and promote growth.

Garlic is rich in selenium which will help to boost circulation this promote hair growth and inhibit the growth of fugus and bacteria.blend garlic with water or honey and apply to the hair and scalp for 10 mins. Then wash

Onion and extra Virgin coconut oil .Blend together and apply to hair and scalp not only does this help with hair growth it also reduce the appearance of grey hair.leave in  for 5 -10 mins , rinse with clarifying shampoo.

Carrot and honey :this will promote growth, slows the growth of grey hair, helps with circulation and prevent the growth of bacteria.

tomatoes and Honey:blend the two together and apply to your scalp and hair for no longer than 5 mins then rinse with clarifying shampoo. This will give nourishment

Apple cider vinegar :dilute with water and add to your scalp and hair leave in for 15- 20 mins this will cleanse and strip your hair off buildup and dandruff to promote hair growth

  • Wash wash wash it is very important to keep your hair and scalp clean to reduce your chances of getting build-up and dandruff.
  • Choose clarify shampoo and any leave in treatment must also clear avoid using creamy products they are the main culprits for build-ups

Dry your hair properly after washing to inhibit it  from smelling foul.

Tie your hair with silk or satin fabric  when going to bed not only does it keep it neat for the next morning but it also locked in the moisture and reduce the risk of dry brittle hair.to prevent breakage.

My loc journey from 2010 to present.

Jamaica roots tonic

Herbs for endurance and vitality.

In Jamaica herbs bark and bushes are usually used to treat most ailments. It is more common among Rastafarian and older folks, especially those in the rural areas. It is believed that the bush should only be harvest at a particular time of the day and also only in the full moon. When harvested it is then left to dry, then wash and left to soak in water for three days. It is then boiled in the same water that is was left in for one to two hours depending on the quantity. According to believe it should be boiled outside on coal fire. then left overnight before drinking.However, for roots, it is said that the mixture should be sweetened with a little honey or raw sugar and left to cure for anywhere from two weeks to a month to develop its potency. The main bushes used are the raw moon. chaney root.strong back and sarsaparilla.The main usage are for vitality, sexual endurance, stamina, and also to boost sperm count among others.

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